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Simultaneously he worked deeper into the count by seeing a career-best 3.87 pitches per plate appearance, hurting people late as well as early and helping himself get the fastballs he can hammer.

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who appeals to the same evangelical voters and on Monday won the backing of an influential Iowa lawmaker.

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France has called for a global coalition to defeat theradicals and has launched three air strikes on Raqqa -- thede-facto Islamic State capital in northern Syria -- since theweekend

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FIFA’s interim president, 69-year-old Issa Hayatou of Cameroon, underwent successful kidney transplant surgery last week

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In 2013, millennials set aside just 3.6 percent of their pay for defined contributions in voluntary enrollment plans, and 4.2 percent in automatic enrollment plans, Vanguard says

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2, and hope to benefit from several changes made following the recommendations of a task force that was assembled.


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Following a trade to Baltimore in the middle of the 2013 season, Rodriguez returned to Milwaukee as a free agent and converted 44 of 49 save chances in 2014

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The government is also reviewing security procedures at Egypt Air, the state-owned airliner

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According to Derek Fisher, the communication between coach and team president has been “typical,” meaning conversations or emails the day after games

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He grew up in Brussels, but media said he moved to Syria in 2014 to fight with Islamic State

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Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston when he began filming the raunchy action film, "Mr

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Christie specifically said he did not think it was appropriate for small children to be brought in

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The other attackers who have been identified so far are all European citizens.

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France has called for a global coalition to defeat the radicals and has launched three air strikes on Raqqa -- the de-facto Islamic State capital in northern Syria -- since the weekend

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Modifying these and other factors in midlife can help prevent some cases later.

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They found that one in four pixels in the image changes with time.

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In the wake of the downing of its airliner, Russia has belatedly joined the anti-IS struggle

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“The Fox Girl was too mean, too smarty-pants.”

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"We have to try and find the positive in any situation

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His body was found in February 2014 in the eastern Veracruz town of Las Choapas

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In 2003, it even provided the basis for KateHudson and Matthew McConaughey’s memorably terrible karaoke duet inrom-com How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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The poll was conducted between Nov

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He says a rise of 4C would be undesirable but manageable for Europe and all nations rich enough to cope with the costs of adaptation

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Those three endured numerous 90-plus-loss seasons and were rewarded with young, impressive --and incredibly cheap --major league talent.

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