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Vidal will start her four-year term as governor on Dec

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The government, he said, was prepared to do “whatever is necessary” to restore confidence in the security of key tourist sites

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Talking to each other also means we'll see fewer awful lapses

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Blatter, who has been at the head of FIFA since 1998, also faces criminal investigation in Switzerland over a 2 million Swiss franc ($2.1 million) payment from FIFA to Platini

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The Toy Industry Association says all toys for sale on U.S

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29 in Washington, they could be in second place.

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Calcium in the coronary arteries is an early sign of heart disease.

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Ritzel eventually stopped going to the sales with the general public

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It cited 111 times in the past year when law enforcement couldn't search iPhones -- even though police had proper court-approved search warrants

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Now that the Fox squirrel isn't endangered, it doesn't mean hunters can freely go after them

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LkCa 15 b and its star lie about470 light-years from our own solar system in the constellation Taurus

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All three are current or recent governors, which comes as somewhat of a surprise given the value that voters usually place on candidates with executive-level government experience

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Prevention: Depression is an extremely difficult disease to overcome on your own

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Join us on Wednesday 11 November when we reveal the findings from our survey into finance leaders’ attitudes on moving their business critical applications into the Cloud

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Profit at its TV division shrank 73 percent inJuly-September from a year earlier.

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Bursting onto the scene of the 1995 World Cup, Lomu was a force of nature, the player of the tournament by some distance

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And she called for more interconnection lines with Europe

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Separatist groups seeking greater autonomy for the island carried out bombing campaigns from the mid-1970s, often targeting police stations and administrative buildings

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How do these characters sleep at night...It will always blame someone else, so they can avoid the gunfire...I just don't get it.

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"It can trigger an attack or lead to bacterial chest infections and pneumonia

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Groundbreaking dropped 11 percent to a seasonally adjustedannual pace of 1.06 million units last month, the lowest levelsince March, the Commerce Department said

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The fine was 2 percent of income this year and 1 percent the year before.

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“Maybe a couple times earlier in training camp, we had some kind of sat down and talked about some things visually at the same time

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sugar policy will cost taxpayers $115 million over the next 10 years

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Details -- which focuses on men's health, grooming, and entertainment -- had a circulation of 560,212 readers

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What “moderates”? Al Nusra? They are just al Queda in Syria

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This is nice but unbelievably expensive

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(Editing by Susan Fenton/Ruth Pitchford)

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But with treatment today, HIV has become manageable and harder to transmit.

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As a card-carrying Italian, I too, worship pasta, but I was brought up to believe that putting a "sculabasta" on your head is positively sacrilegious.

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"What we've learned is that integration needs to be shaped," said Cordula Heckmann, principal of the Ruetli school and a teacher there since 2001

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"Spending on casual dining is expanding rapidly, and thus, we believe there is tremendous opportunity to expand the Pizzeria Vetri concept," said Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne in a statement.

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The Nets have arrived in Brooklyn

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Chris Hemsworth, the eponymous Huntsman, smirks

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