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Pekin Insurance was founded in 1921 with limited part-time empolyee’s. Pekin Insurance made into the network of the insurance industry, and by 1939 had sold over 20,000 policy’s.

Fire insurance was added later along with Pekin’s auto insurance as a new coverage.

ln 1952 and the Home Office had grown from a small, donated office space to a four-story building.

The Pekin Insurance Company was form as a companion to original Farmers Auto in 1961. With many challenges of war time , inflation, and the competition of insurance giants, Pekin Insurance had risen to the top in their field, and continue to serve their customer with low prices, and remain the top in the nation

The Pekin Insurance is one of 13 companies to be named to both the property-casualty and life-health list of Top Performers.

Main Corprate Office:

Pekin Life Insurance Company
2505 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61558

Phone: 309-346-1161
Fax: 309-346-8512

The localtion for the Ohio offices are as follows:


Cincinnati OH, 45230
Phone: 513 624-0900


3545 N. Bend Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45239
Phone: 513-467-1700


What some Customer has to say about Pekin Insurance Company.

Last fall 2007 I found myself in right in the middle of an intersection, my car stalled out, and was rear-ended; Pekin Auto Insurance came though with fast service and comfort. I was taken care of and Pekin took care of the headache of paper work that needs to be done. I was given a rent-a –car with in just an hour or so. In my Book Pekin is the best, triple AAA rated.

J Sedberry
Cleveland, OH

Wow what a great Company to have on your side in a storm, Pekin Insurance handled my claim, I had no hassle, no fuss, claim was given top attention.

Good job Pekin, great customer service reps.

D Swope
Pekin IL,

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