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In Kenosha, a few stations are selling gas for $1.79 when purchased with cash, and one in Pleasant Prairie is also at $1.79 as of Wednesday afternoon

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Heard from a gentleman that I already had 'beautiful boobs.' #firstharassment," said another.

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economy is now strong enough to absorb a modestpolicy tightening

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Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) is backing Sen

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“In fact, I struggle with it at times

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But that is when the light bulb went on and they would outscore the Hoyas 21-10 the rest of the way.

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"This technique, if it can show the variation in the crystal lattice of the bone, and how it changes as a function of being burned..

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I already knew the answers but needed to hear his confirmation.

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I think we’re put in tough positions

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It's a turning point in one's life."

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22 in Paris and surrounding towns in the latest utilization of expanded security measures permitted under the state of emergency installed following last week's bloody attacks.

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An obsession which is being encouraged by seeing Michelle Williams doing double denim in a pair of cool cropped jeans and shirt

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"Structural issues including a shortfall in immigrant laborare inhibiting construction

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The comparison is skewed,though, because of Taser's bigger business in weapons.

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You need to look for trades where something is cheap and you have catalysts for it to revert to the value you expect."

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Winslet, however, declined to be drawn on the issue, despite having claim to being no less marginalised

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Russia is allied to Assad but the West says he must go ifthere is to be a political solution to Syria's prolonged civilwar

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Washington state had its hottest October on record, while California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming had their second-hottest Octobers.

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It’s driven by red fruit and has a rich, deep color.”

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In June Kampordered a further cut to 13.5 bcm for the second half of theyear

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Wear yours with skinny blue jeans and a white tee for an elevated day time look

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If you’re not a fan of us, you have a different opinion."

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On reflection I'd been seduced by the notion that a fatigue specialist was the right person for me because extreme fatigue was one of my main symptoms.

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Shoppers still have to do their homework early.”

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This year, will the military keep its promise and hand over political power?

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9 with two unidentified companions and they were stopped for a routine traffic check

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"He is coming to the end of a long career of serving our country

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He denied that the company was involved in speculative invoicing, saying that "rights holders..

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But it’s foolish to think that Bobby Jindal’s career in public service has come to an unceremonious termination

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Oh, I mean, I don't know about that But of course you go out there and you think: "This is literal gold, right here, right in front of me

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The company said it was looking to sell a long-term bond,but it remains unclear whether that means 20, 30 or even 40-yearmoney

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"We are still verifying the information."

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The show Friends has made a comeback and resonates with a new generation of twenty-somethings

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Villagers launch a search operation for a few days, and then give up, leaving the men to die.

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Bank Wealth Management in Minneapolis.

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