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Kano state police commissioner Muhammad Katsina said two suicide bombers had killed 15 people and wounded 53.

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But the researchers say the company has not blocked thegroup's broadcast channels.

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"If the planet, Kepler-438b, has a magnetic field like the Earth, it may be shielded from some of the effects

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In March, the company said it expected a 40 percent risefor the year.

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was among the Democrats who grilled Dr

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The boosts in well-being "leveled off once couples reached a frequency of about once a week," Muise said

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For many workers, it feels as though the harder and longer they work, the less they have to show for it—and they aren’t imagining things

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Are private companies actually ready to establish commercial routes in our solar system, and do they possess the technology needed to make the plan a reality?

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NBC News could not immediately confirm a report in The Washington Post saying Abaaoud had been killed in the raid.

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If the unit is part of the Russian military, itwould mean Russian forces are operating well outside the zonewhere Moscow says its troops are present.

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Some 4,400 Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic rabbis from around the world gathered for the annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries

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If consumption continues to increase, the oil market willrebalance faster, but if it turns out flat or even lower,rebalancing will take longer and require deeper cuts in supply

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Biosimilar etanercept, which was recently approved in SouthKorea, would be the second such antibody product to reach themarket in Europe and its arrival is likely to intensifycompetition

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"This was to show the Russians and whoever allies with them that they will have no safety in the lands and airspace of the Muslims," the group wrote

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Sales at stores open at least a year, a key indicator of a retailer's health, climbed 4.6 percent as there were more transactions and customers spent more

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10,the same day that either Macri or Scioli will be sworn in aspresident

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That was a moment where I was feeling just as bad as I feel today, and why did I keep it up?"

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BDT is ranked 66th in the M&A league tables so far this year, having advised on three deals worth $14.2 billion dollars, according to Thomson Reuters data

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Rudoren has served in her current post for nearly four years, the usual tenure of a Times bureau chief.

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Richard Levenson, of the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento

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The Egg, a scarred reminder of the civil war, stands near Martyrs Square

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Citing police sources, the agency said one of the suspects had a hand-drawn picture of a planned route from Turkey to Germany, via Greece, Serbia and Hungary.

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"High blood pressure can be effectively managed through lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, being active, and consuming less salt, fatty foods and alcohol

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Woods had back surgery in September and a follow-up procedure

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This article looks at how significant the change could be with a ”back to basics' look at three situations which will be affected.

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NextEra said at that moment marketconditions prevented it from making the bid it could make today.

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The winners then play a third 20-minute mini-game.

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The iPad Pro isn’t the best here for media simply because its screen is the biggest, however

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"[In] each new home I photographed I felt like a detective trying to learn something about the owner from their space," Ritzel said

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"When the people know that there is a judge and fines can be issued immediately, they will not fight over a seat or fight with the conductor," she said

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A retro collector and bargain hunter, his knowledge has been found in the pages of tree-based publication Retro Gamer.

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The yeti is also said to have long, thick hair on its head that falls down to its chest," he says.

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The Fed has said it needs exactly thatconfidence before raising rates.

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Inflation he saidwas less clear, but he expects prices to rise as the downwardpressure from a strengthening dollar and falling oil pricesfades.

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If you want to up the ante this party season then emulating this embellished number is a great way to do it

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It may sometimes contain uranium or arsenic, and is generally more salty than seawater

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“It certainly is of interest to our detectives to see if that weapon has any connection to any crime in that area,” Riddle said

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According to Derek Fisher, the communication between coach and team president has been “typical,” meaning conversations or emails the day after games

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The British bank is also removing a head of globalelectronic trading for foreign exchange-related misconduct, theNew York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) said

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But he was also coming off the Bengals' first loss of the season, and probably wasn't super-pumped with how he or his team played

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