A suicide bomber blew herself up in a police raid that sources said had foiled a jihadi plan to hit Paris's business district, days after attacks that killed 129 across the French capital.

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At eight o’clock police announced that two of the suspects in the apartment were dead, one of them a woman who detonated an explosive device

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“These legal protections are critical to hospitals’ ability to coordinate care among all caregivers.”

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Tharpe said he really got terrified once he drove into the car wash to hide, and the women followed him inside.

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turning away a ship full of German-Jewish refugees in 1939

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Everyone knows what to do if I go incommunicado."

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colleges over the treatment of minority students

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The resolution, which Graham plans to officially introduce after the Thanksgiving recess, is being shaped and shopped around to senators on Wednesday

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The key was to find a drug that would be well tolerated.

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Some of these apps help you edit and share photos to Instagram, while others give you a way to look at your feed on platforms Instagram doesn’t support, like Apple TV

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It's difficult and expensive to recruit human pathologists and radiologists to stare at huge numbers of images to help refine such technologies while they're in development, the authors write

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Now, three months later, the lower part of his face remains swollen, but Rodriguez said that will go away in a few months

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The former "Two and A Half Men" star said on Tuesday he is HIV positive

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The question of why a promising young player would give up millions of dollars to thrust himself into the battlefield of war came even more into focus when Tillman was killed in 2004

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In the interview, he repeatedly said that the military needed to be free to operate absolutely anywhere that the Islamic State or ISIS reached

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Both men have been police officers for seven years, including 13 months with the city

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