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For the best up to date information relating to Londonderry and the surrounding areas visit us at Londonderry Sentinel regularly or bookmark this page.

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Jim Jones told his followers their community was under threat, and ordered them to take their own lives.

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"It's a turning point in one's life."

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The actor was spotted in New York at the Museum of Modern Arts' 8th Annual Film Benefit, where she, without having to say anything, announced her pregnancy

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"It's just risking your life," he adds

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We run effective verification of intel, and make sure that our leads are legitimate before we attack them

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You had your chance and you blew it." and mean it.

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It went almost unnoticed outside the signatories, which included Grenada, Fiji and Malta

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Hovercraft cross the sand to arrive on the concrete landing pad near the centre of Ryde, the Isle of Wight's largest town

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Sessions was joined Tuesday by Sen

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Clark was taken off life support on Monday evening, his family told local media

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After all, Ortiz has three championship rings

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The person's identity was unclear.

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It's not the country we remember from the '60s

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What happened in Paris this weekend was an atrocity

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Family members can send automatic alerts to their Circles when they arrive to their destination or they leave a certain place

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I know that it's important, and wewill be reviewing the situation and we will give you the resultsas soon as we can."

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The fuselage of the crashed plane was located in the Java Sea in mid January and the final part of it that was recoverable was removed at the end of February

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Dozens of semi-trailers and cars were lined up along the interstate and a nearby frontage road on Tuesday as strong winds blew snow across the road.

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The Senate, where Republicans hold a smaller majority than in the House, would have to approve any legislation on refugees before it could take effect

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"We had received specific indications that an attack with explosives was planned," Hanover Police President Volker Kluwe told NDR state broadcaster

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On the toy side, Star Wars merchandise will be a key driver

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"This was to show the Russians and whoever allies with them that they will have no safety in the lands and airspace of the Muslims," the group wrote

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“Me being a big thing was kind of a big thing that happened in Latvia so people started to recognize me,” he said

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Officials said police had been hunting Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian Islamist militant of Moroccan origin accused of ordering the Nov

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That’s the bottom line.”

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As a result, 7 percent of Barclays' trading platforms were still filtered by the feature that checked whether trades were not profitable for the bank until August 2015

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It helps ensure no corruption has taken place.

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The Fed's October statement helped convince skepticalmarkets that a rate hike may finally be imminent after severalyears of near zero rates

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"The discussions have been productive and we remain optimistic that we will be able to address the fire and life safety upgrades at the Che CafWe look forward to the continued dialogue."

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Driscoll said he expected Lamb Weston to be sold, not spun off, to take advantage of the roughly $2.5 billion in capital tax losses ConAgra will record on the private brands sale

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The company recently had a contest for young Brazilian filmmakers and gave global distribution to the winner's production

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President Barack Obama on down through the entire Republican and Democratic presidential fields appears to believe that there is a military solution to the problem of the Islamic State

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Our research investigates the amount of stress chordae tendinae can endure and for how long, prior to rupture, which can lead to a number of conditions.

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Houston certainly has less defensive talent on the perimeter, particularly with Patrick Beverley sitting

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Tissue engineers have for the first time made structures that not only resemble real vocal cords but also function like them.

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Students have run the restaurant, named for Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, for 34 years, but they've steered it into the ground

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