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That job has been held by David Fotheringhame, according to news reports, online documents and a person familiar with the matter.
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With the new plan, as an example, a single line from T-Mobile that costs $50 for 2GB of data per month will cost just $25 on Sprint
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President Bill Clinton gestures during the closing ceremony of the 10th National Industry Meeting (ENAI) at the International Convention Centre of Brazil, in Brasilia, Brazil November 12, 2015
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There are different forms of it too, including liquid forms specifically designed for children.
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between August and October 2015.
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The Patriots could still be undefeated and going for another prefect season and Buffalo might also need to win to get in.
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That’s what it’s for
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“Access is limited to 45 minutes a day, and it’s not every day
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"Though positive news for the administration, the vote'snarrow margin underscores anemic support in Congress for thefiscal adjustment," Cameron Combs, a researcher with EurasiaGroup said in a note.
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The boy I'm caring for also looks like the other family," said MotherX.
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15-16, for which he has a vote on policy
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Reuters/Ipsos online polls are measured with a credibility interval
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“This one is a definite step forward from the sorts of models that the IPCC has been using,” he said
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Some want to use that bill to cut off funding for the refugee program — foreshadowing another potential government shutdown fight.
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The Observatory reported that IS fighters' families are fleeing Raqqa to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul because of the intensity of the bombing, saying they feel Raqqa is no longer safe
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We can not fight them with guns and rifles, stopping their propaganda is an effective way to weaken their manpower and their presence in the Internet
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Regardless of the answer, the passport has played into the Islamic State group's hands by raising concerns that militants may be marching alongside the thousands of asylum seekers flowing into Europe
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But the ladies in the Cornell study noshed the same amount when eating with men as they did with other women.
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After 9/11 we created authorization to allow us to attack al-Qaeda anywhere, and we need the same thing now."
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Since October Paris has been taking part as a coalition member taking the fight to the Islamic extremists, but until last Friday had only struck five times
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On Wednesday, after some reflection, Dalton sounded like he was ready to move on.
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Efforts are underway to put voucher systems on the ballot in South Dakota and Washington.
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Swedish researchers decided to assess this link again, but their study involved over one million children
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Central Valley also canceled morning kindergarten and elementary schoolconferences.
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The picture wasn’t thought to be a portrait of Diesel
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The Monopoly board game went on sale 80 years ago..
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Such actions are akin to dismantling the democratic framework of the country," he told the BBC.
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Hollande said countries should set aside their sometimesdiverging national interests to battle their common foe.
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But then comes Daesh (die-EESH), a term Arab politicians appear to have spearheaded last year
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In addition to lengthy delays, more than 230 flights were canceled as of 11 a.m
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That decision was adopted in Manila during a meeting arranged by U.S
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The Salt Lake Tribune, citing an airport official, said it was carrying 497 passengers and crew.
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Brent crude futures rose 1.5 percentto $44.21 per barrel.
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Crawford was a key member of the Giants' 2012 and '14 World Series-winning clubs
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The high-ranking Republican has said Obama might have to reopen negotiations with the other 11 countries to address his concerns
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"The dosage of disulfiram we used provided more of a tickle than a kick to the virus, but this could be enough
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"Pregnant women could benefit from early intervention to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the risks associated with sedentary behaviour
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Before long, the wreckage is normally re-assembled in the nearest suitable building
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