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Incumbents already have advantages and giving lesser-known candidates public funding can only help make them more viable, he said
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In 2015, only 10 people have died due to tornadoes — two in Arkansas, two in Oklahoma, two in Illinois and four in Texas, according to data from the Storm Prediction Center
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economy, including globalization and automation, also demand updated thinking by policymakers in both parties
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There had been big wingers before and fast ones
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Try to get some painful spots in some guy’s life, his personal life
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Their priority is to expel Daesh from the 100 or so kilometres of Syria’s border with Turkey that it controls, between Azaz et Jarablus
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Ed Mullins, the union’s head, told the Daily News.
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surveillance by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden
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But if retirees spent at the same rate that their portfolios were earning, they were in danger of spending too much when the market dipped, thus undermining their long-term income.
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Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has unveiled Virgin’s new ”Flying Scotsman’ train, celebrating one of the most famous names in railway history
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But the dean of the student's college may grant anextension, ifneeded, she says.
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However with proper intervention, this can often be improved.
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He also envisages media companies like Sky and BT potentially including energy as part of their bundles of services.
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“I don’t really care how the Patriots are perceived, truthfully
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The owner, Northern Iron, on Nov
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The wanted jihadi's own father believes prison — where he served time for petty crimes — changed him for the worse
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It was a tough season for Collins personally
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Like for instance, Communities and Collections
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Keep it civil and stay on topic
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“But people in Latvia are different
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When a yeti appeared and chased them, one man disappeared
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