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But those subsidies are available only on Silver plans, which carry higher premiums

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The doctor directed his mesothelioma patients to Silver, who then referred them to a law firm that paid Silver nearly $3 million in referral fees, prosecutors allege.

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″His coughing got so bad that he couldn't breathe and he'd have to be rushed to hospital

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NICE said Amgen had also offered the NHS a further undisclosed discount.

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Ms Thien was freed earlier this month after the militants were reportedly paid 30 million pesos (S$900,000) in ransom.

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Putin, also at the G20, shifted his position on Ukraine, making a surprise offer to restructure a $3 billion Eurobond

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He's caught unprepared this year and that's enough to profoundly change his rim protection numbers

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It stands on a hill overlooking a bay, next to an important Lebanese Christian pilgrimage site

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If you’re about to buy an iPad, you’ve got more choice than ever now that the mighty iPad Pro has been released

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The new model, dubbed the S8 plus, can be opened up to a nice and even 190 mph

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I believed there was a chance at some recovery if I could get an appointment and follow treatment plans with the writer of the book

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"We're looking to acquire as much young, quality, controllable talent as we can and we think we took a nice step forward with the deal."

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Rosemary Plorin, of Nashville, brought her nine-year-old daughter to the Panthers-Titans game Sunday and witnessed a Cam Newton touchdown dance late in the fourth quarter

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7 to report he'd shot a woman he had met two days earlier in the head in a room at Tampa’s Regency Inn and Suites, according to an arrest report from the Tampa Police Department

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Amare’s time as the franchise player lasted roughly 56 games before Melo arrived in New York and became a fan and James Dolan favorite.

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It'll notify your kids when it's time to stop watching videos, and you won't have to do a single thing (other than designate the time allowed).

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Following on from those early hours, women need continued support during the early days.

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As a card-carrying Italian, I too, worship pasta, but I was brought up to believe that putting a "sculabasta" on your head is positively sacrilegious.

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Some 5,000 people die as a result of this every year in Ireland and 70% of these deaths occur outside of hospital.

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